The Health Center

Our Health Center is equipped to provide basic medical care and is staffed by two to three registered nurses. Our nurses provide first aid care, dispense medication, and assess injuries and illnesses for additional care outside of camp. In addition, our infirmary houses emergency equipment such as an AED and epi-pens.

Vermont’s largest city, Burlington, is located only eight miles away from Brown Ledge and offers the state’s finest hospital, the University of Vermont Medical school, as well as an abundance of physicians in all specialties, within a 15 minute drive of camp.

Should one of our campers have an illness or an injury that requires medical attention that our infirmary cannot offer, we are fortunate to have a number of excellent health care facilities located near camp.

For non-emergency situations, Colchester Family Practice or the Fannie Allen Walk-In Clinic are our care providers of choice.

In case of illness or injury, a camper’s parent(s) will be notified as soon as reasonable, depending upon the situation.


For children who require scheduled medication, our nurses work with campers and their families to set this schedule and dispense the medication. Typically, our nurses attempt to distribute scheduled medication as close to meal times as possible, but office hours are also available in the evening. Again, the schedule will depend on input from the camper and her family.


All of our activities have safety rules so that a camper may safely and successfully participate in the activity. The safety rules are usually the first thing taught when a camper arrives at an activity. Safety equipment such as life jackets, safety googles, wrist guards, are provided as needed. If a camper wishes to ride, she is required to wear a helmet, and hard-soled shoes with a heel. Some campers choose to wear protective vests, but this is optional.