Applications to be on the Summer 2021 Brown Ledge staff are now open!

All of our counselors work within a department; most are activity departments and require skill and experience. In filling out our application, please provide as accurate a picture of your skill set as possible. We may not have a position open in your first choice of department, but you may share something that leads us to offer you a position in another department.

Counselor positions include instructors of horsemanship, theatre arts, tennis, archery, arts & crafts, riflery, sailing, windsurfing, swimming, diving, canoeing, kayaking and water-skiing/wakeboarding, as well as nurse (RN), secretary, swim team coach, musical director, and ski boat driver. Other positions include maintenance (knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, etc.), grounds maintenance, cook, general kitchen help, stable hand and bugler.

Brown Ledge 2021 Staff Open Positions

Canoeing & Kayaking

[Job description]


[Job Description]