The popularity of archery cannot be denied. Regardless of age or skill level, campers flock to the range each summer, and many girls have found an important place for themselves here. Solid instruction and a well equipped range allow for rapid progress from beginner to advanced archer. In a relaxed environment, campers learn proper shooting form, care of equipment, and the importance of mental clarity. Above all, safety considerations are stressed.

For those with a competitive bent, the Brown Ledge Archery Team successfully competes against other Vermont camps throughout the summer. In-camp tournaments also give campers the chance to show off their new shooting skills.


As with archery, interest in riflery runs high among campers of all ages and skill levels at Brown Ledge. Competent instruction and a safe, well-equipped range provide campers with the necessary ingredients to enjoy a sport based on concentration.

Instruction is provided on all details of proper competitive shooting, whether it be in the prone, kneeling or standing position. Campers also learn the safe handling and cleaning of equipment, the physics behind firing, and the quiet concentration necessary for success. As with other field sports, the Riflery Team competes successfully against area camps.

Meet the Archery and Riflery Staff