Dear Future Brown Ledge Family,

It is likely that you are here because you are exploring camps for your daughter, and this may be only one of many internet stops in your journey.

Since I have only a few short paragraphs, I’ll focus on, “what are the most important things to tell you about Brown Ledge Camp?”

First, we are guided by a unique philosophy. We began as “the different camp” in 1927 when the founders of Brown Ledge decided to put their beliefs about learning and camping, about freedom and responsibility, and girls and youth into practice. We trust campers to learn to choose the activities that interest them the most. Many of the long term benefits of summers at Brown Ledge are related to the traditions and philosophy that guide us.

Girl sailing and turning rudder

Second, we are a summer camp with passionate campers and alumnae.

Young campers know they are having a blast and they are feeling the joy and satisfaction that comes with accomplishment. After several summers, many campers tell us that Brown Ledge is a second home. And then, as they later reflect on their years at camp, they tell us that Brown Ledge is the place where they learned the most, made their best friends, and became the person they are today. We couldn’t be more proud of the role that Brown Ledge has played in the lives of generations of young women.

And finally,

it is my privilege to be the fourth director to guide Brown Ledge Camp in our 94-year history; I do not take this mission lightly. Our team hires men and women who have an area of expertise and who have the ability to communicate both technical skill and love of sport. They are a responsible and fun-loving group and they care deeply about the girls entrusted to their care. Ours is a very special community. I hope that the pictures and information that follow relays the joys and benefits of a summer at Brown Ledge Camp.


Abby Lovshin-Smith
Camp Director