Our Junior Counselor Program

Brown Ledge Camp is proud of the appeal it holds for older girls. Each year more than 40 girls enroll in the two year junior counselor leadership training program. These girls pay full tuition , have graduated from tenth grade, and are a minimum of 15 1/2 years old.

The JC program is a vital part of Brown Ledge. It combines increased responsibility around camp, weekly classroom meetings, and teaching practice two hours a day, with the traditional camping program. Through this, JCs become an important link between senior staff and campers. They carry on willingly many of the traditions, and generate much of the spirit within camp.

JCs need to have a basic understanding of how camp works, and what the camper experience is like, because of this, all junior counselors must have at least one summer of experience as a Brown Ledge camper.

…[B]eing a JC is about growing up and getting more active into camp life, taking new responsibilities and getting to take care of somebody other than yourself.