Activity departments

All of our activities are open Monday through Saturday, and the girls may attend any activity they want, when they want and for as long as they want. We have no scheduling* or sign-ups. They may just go wherever they want, anytime mornings and afternoons during opening hours. All land activities are open from 9-12 in the morning and 2.30 to 5 in the afternoon. On the waterfront, canoeing/kayaking and sailing/windsurfing opens at 9.30, swimming, diving and waterskiing/wakeboarding opens at 10 in the morning. All waterfront activities closes at noon and run from 2.30 to 5 in the afternoon.

When the girls arrive at an activity, the counselors will work closely with them at their pace of learning and skill level, whether beginner or accomplished performer. To provide direction, we have developed three levels of competency in each activity (basic, intermediate & vanguard) which the campers may work toward. Some campers enjoy the structure these competencies provide, others prefer to work outside them. In any case, they determine their own goals and challenges. As counselors we are there to help and support.

*The only scheduled activity is riding. If the camper chooses to ride her one hour riding lesson will be scheduled for the same time, five days a week.


A typical day at Brown Ledge


7:15am Reveille – First bugle of the day. There are a few more calls before breakfast but this first call helps us all to start waking up.

7:45am Breakfast – We eat all of our meals together in the dining hall; family style.
2 or 3 counselors share a table all summer. The campers rotate on a weekly schedule.

8:25am End of meal – Time to head back to your cabins to straighten up and change for the day.

9:00am Most activities open – Campers go where they like for as long as they like.
*Only riding lessons are scheduled.

12:00pm All activities close

12:30pm Lunch – Announcements are made after every meal to update campers on important information.


1:30pm Rest Hour – Activities are closed and staff are free to do what they please.

2:30pm -5:00pm    – Activites re-open. Often rehearsals for theatre are in the afternoon.

Between 5:00pm and 6:00pm – Free time

6:00pm Dinner – Every Thursday, campers change tables and sit with a new group for the next week. Counselors stay at the same table all 8 weeks.


7:15pm Evening Activity – Male counselors share the responsibility of hosting an evening activity. This tends to rotate on a weekly schedule. This, like much at Brown Ledge, is optional for the campers to attend. Rehearsals for theatre may be scheduled.

8:45pm Call to Cabins Bugle – This call reminds campers that they need to prepare to head back to their cabin for the night.

9:00pm Counselor Time** – Female counselors visit their camper cabin for a half hour.

9:30pm Taps – is blown by the Bugler. Counselor time ends. Campers can socialize quietly with each other and with neighboring cabins during “Visiting Hour”.

**Counselors do not live in the cabins with campers.

**Evening duty: Two senior, and two junior, staff members have “evening duty” every night between 9.30 – 11.00 pm. The task is to makes sure that campers settle down and go to sleep after lights out. Female staff can expect to have evening duty at least twice during the 8 weeks of camp.

**One of the nurses is on call every night in case of a medical emergency.



The activity schedule on Saturdays run precisely as the weekdays (mon-fri) with the exception of theatre at 8.30pm. We are very proud of our theatre program, an impressive set of shows are performed throughout the summer including a full length musical. Traditionally we dress up for theatre.


The daily schedule runs a bit different on Sundays. All departments are closed in the morning. Campers and staff are free to do what they want. Some wish to sleep in until lunch or spend time in their bunk reading books or just hanging out with friends.

9:00am Breakfast – served buffé style in the dining hall. Optional for both campers and staff* to attend.

12.30pm – Lunch – we wear white clothes (khaki shorts are acceptable).

1.30pm – Chapel – optional to attend. A group of girls or counselors choose a theme and reads something out load to the audience.

2.30pm – 5.00 pm – The waterfront opens (but only for leisure, no basic testing).

6.00pm – Cook-out-Dinner prepared by staff.*
Counselors that are not helping out with the cook-out are free to choose between staying at camp for dinner or leaving/making their own plans.

8.00pm – Ledger – Ledger can be described as a talent show where campers and counselors can sign up to perform on our theatre stage. All of camp will gather in the theatre for Ledger on Sunday night.

*All senior staff are assigned to help out with either Sunday dinner or Sunday breakfast one Sunday per summer. A duty roaster will be posted in the counselor bathrooms.

“Being a counselor at Brown Ledge gave me the opportunity to become the leader I always knew I had the potential to be. It’s an unbelievable pleasure to have the chance to work with passionate, hard working, and dedicated young women in an environment that encourages independence, responsibility, and community. Brown Ledge is a place where I developed strong managerial skills which allowed me to ultimately succeed as a teacher and mentor. I learned about how dynamic of a learning community Brown Ledge is, the camp truly develops future leaders who engage critically, act globally, and perform ethically. I took great pride in the fact that I helped many campers achieve great accomplishments that they all should be proud of. There’s a reason why people just can’t get enough of Brown Ledge!”

– Taylor Muench
Swimming, 2018