From its beginning over 90 years ago, Brown Ledge set for itself the task of really teaching horsemanship, refusing to be satisfied with the ordinary policy of merely providing an opportunity to ride.

Brown Ledge girls make progress that is genuine and measurable through daily weekday riding lessons – more progress than in a year of casual or “one lesson a week” riding. There are, in our experience, two very distinct lines of interest among girls who ride: those who eagerly absorb all of the instruction they can get; who want to show and event; who hope to someday be owners and trainers.

And those, equally important, who think of riding as pure recreation, who want instruction aimed at giving them the skill necessary to enjoy – with safety – the pleasure of being able to handle a horse with confidence. The Brown Ledge horsemanship program answers the aims of both groups by not only providing daily riding lessons, but stable management lessons as well.

Daily Riding Lesson

One-hour English riding lessons are held daily, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, for all girls.

For advanced beginners and intermediate riders this means that they will spend a full hour “on-horse”.  Beginners spend 30 minutes “on horse” and 30 minutes in, and around, the stable – working their way up to an hour on-horse.

All riders are required to arrive 15 minutes before class and stay 15 minutes after class to prep and cool down the horses.

Wednesday riding lessons are optional and therefore, girls who ride on Wednesdays often have private or semi-private lessons.

Importantly, all riding classes are strictly limited in size with beginner classes limited to 4 girls per group and advanced classes limited to 8 riders.

Stable Management

In addition to quality instruction for riders, Brown Ledge also offers a Stable Management course that allows riders the opportunity to receive one one one and small group instruction in these areas. Instructors are available for these lessons from 9 am – 12 noon and 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm. They typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

Beginner level riders at Brown Ledge learn how to:

  • groom
  • tack
  • feed
  • water

Intermediate and vanguard (advanced) training includes:

  • lectures on confirmation
  • recognition of diseases
  • basic cures
  • when to call the vet
  • how and when to use various kinds of tack
  • the differences involved in conditioning for shows and events

Riding Facilities

We are very proud of the 2012 renovation of our Brown Ledge Stables.

Our tack room contains the saddle and bridle for each horse and an area to clean equipment properly.  With 32 box stalls, each horse has his/her own space and each stall has cross ties creating a safe environment for grooming, and tacking up.

In addition to our stable, we have three outdoor riding rings that, when not in use for riding lessons, are where horses are ‘let-out’ in evenings and on weekends.

Intermediate and Advanced riders are given the opportunity to ride outside of the ring on some of our historic riding trails.

Horse Shows

In–camp horse shows provide our riders the opportunity to demonstrate newly acquired skills and gain experience riding in a competitive environment. Brown Ledge camp hosts one horse show at the end each session. Shows are open to anyone in a riding class. Each riding class shows in front of a judge depending on their availability. Advanced classes present twice to demonstrate jumping and flatwork. They may also learn how to set–up and run such shows and events.

In addition, advanced and intermediate riders are exposed to a combined-training event; with a learning day and a showing day.

Drill Team

This coordinated horse drill, designed and led by campers or junior counselors, is performed without command and to music. This is an important part of our end of session horse shows, providing parents the opportunity to observe the event. Almosst every rider who has seen the drill performed is eager to “make the team”!

The drill team wears a uniform navy blue jackets, tan breeches, a white dress shirt, tall boots, and a neck tie. We have an array of neckties and navy blue jackets that fit a full range of girls. The girls either have the rest of the outfit  or may borrow from a friend.

The Drill Captains select team members after a series of auditions approximately mid way through a session. This ensures 12-14 days of practice prior to the performance. Riders are picked for their ability to work as a team and control their mount. There are 8-10 Troopers and 4 color guards as well as 3-5 alternates selected.

Drill Team practices at least once a day outside of regular riding time. Practice is usually from 5pm-6pm, but the captains often host one or two early morning practices before breakfast. It is a significant time commitment to be part of drill team.

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