What sessions does Brown Ledge offer?

Brown Ledge Camp offers one 8 week and two 4 week sessions, for girls ages 10-17. We do not have a two week session.

How much is tuition for Brown Ledge?

2019 Tuition is $6,100 for half season (4 weeks) and $8,850 for full season (8 weeks). This tuition is “all-inclusive” –  it covers all activities, including horseback riding, water skiing, etc., laundry, and travel pick-up at Burlington International Airport and buses and trains that arrive in the greater Burlington area.

How many girls attend Brown Ledge each summer and what are their ages?

180 girls from 10 to 17 years of age attend, with approximately 80 attending for 8 weeks and 100 for each of the 4 week sessions.

Are Brown Ledgers predominantly from a particular city or state?

No. While the majority of campers hail from the northeastern part of the United States, usually more than 25 states and a dozen countries are represented each summer.

Who are the directors of Brown Ledge?

Both Abby and Kim were campers, junior counselors, and senior counselors at Brown Ledge (both in sailing). They are thrilled to be at the helm together for the summer of 2019. They have a combined 34-years of Brown Ledge experience.

What is the staff to camper ratio, and what ages are the staff?

Brown Ledge employs approximately 80 staff, of which about 65 are considered counselors, creating a staff to camper ratio of better than 1 to 3. Staff range in age from 19 to 65+, with an average of about 26 years of age. A good number have been at Brown Ledge for an extended time providing much continuity and experience. As with campers, staff represent a variety of backgrounds, personalities and skills.

Where is Brown Ledge located?

Brown Ledge is located on Lake Champlain in the town of Colchester, just north of Burlington, Vermont’s largest city. On the western edge of New England, Brown Ledge has the perfect mix of lake front, and wooded forest. The state’s finest hospital, the University of Vermont, and an abundance of restaurants and shops are within a fifteen minute drive of camp.

How easy is travel to Brown Ledge?

Brown Ledge is easily accessible by air or automobile. The Burlington International Airport (BTV) is about 10 miles from camp and is served daily by numerous flights by United, US Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue and Porter Air. Direct flights are available to New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Toronto. We will gladly meet any flight into, or out of, Burlington. In addition, our proximity to Interstate 89 permits easy access by automobile.

Do most new campers come to Brown Ledge with a friend?

No, while some new campers do come with a friend, most do not. The design of our activities allows campers to attend any activity they wish with whom they wish. Once at the activity, campers meet a variety of campers. Because of this, new and old campers quickly and easily meet and make friends with a variety of Brown Ledgers.

What is the atmosphere or feel of Brown Ledge?

Brown Ledge has a friendly, relaxed, welcoming, yet active atmosphere in which campers feel comfortable in being themselves, trying new things, and are not afraid to try again if they fail at something. Campers are granted much trust and quickly feel ownership of Brown Ledge. All of this perpetuates a tradition of accepting others for who they are and creating a true community spirit.

Why do campers choose BLC and why do they return in successive summers?

Most campers initially choose BLC because of a particular activity or set of activities, the quality of instruction, and/or the general program design which allows girls to choose which activities they will attend, when they will attend, and with whom they will attend. Campers choose to return year-after-year for these same reasons coupled with the strong friendships they develop, feeling ownership in the camp community, and having a lasting sense of accomplishment from their achievements.

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