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Since the summer of 1927, Brown Ledge has been a home to thousands of campers, nurturing and developing them during their formative years. This continues to be possible today thanks to the continued connections and ongoing support of our alumni, staff members, parents, family, and friends.

The Brown Ledge Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID # is 04-335-1055. If you would like more information about supporting the Brown Ledge Foundation, or have a question about giving, please contact [email protected] or 802-862-2442.

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Brown Ledge Wishlist Summer 2022

We are getting camp ready for the summer, and while we have the basics covered, our staff has some items they’ve put on a wishlist for alums, families, and friends to peruse. If something strikes your fancy, we would love for you to donate toward that purchase!

New jumps for the riding program:

$500 for a set of cavalettis

$500 for other jumps

A new Flying Junior(-equivalent) to continue to upgrade the BL fleet:


A new “gator” — the four-wheeler we use to transport food and trash on our car-free campus!

Used: we’re looking for a bargain! Let us know if you have a lead!

New: approx. $8,000

A new long bench for the grove (campers love to hang out on these benches!)

Approx. $250

Wood composite Adirondack chairs — we love having these chairs dotting our campus, and we’re looking for some that will last.

From $150-$300 apiece

Speaker/sound system for Aquacade, Horse Show, and other outdoor events:


A drone and a GoPro camera to make training videos and support marketing content:

Approx. $400 each