Do I have to wear a staff uniform at camp?

No, Brown Ledge is a uniform free camp and our staff and campers are free to wear what they wish. Aligning our Freedom of Choice philosophy which we belive creates a dynamic energy at Brown Ledge.

What is the atmosphere/culture like at Brown Ledge?

Brown Ledge has a friendly, relaxed, welcoming, yet active atmosphere in which campers feel comfortable in being themselves, trying new things, and are not afraid to try again if they fail at something. Campers are granted much trust and quickly feel ownership of Brown Ledge. The same goes with staff, we take pride in the multitude of talents, backgrounds and personalities that our staff bring to the table. All of this perpetuates a tradition of accepting others for who they are and creating a true community spirit.

In what cabin will I live?

At Brown Ledge all senior staff live in separate cabins from the campers. The cabins range in size from one or two person cabins to larger cabins with up to 10 people. You will find out in which cabin you will live in for the summer and with who during pre-camp.

How does time off work?

Time off is regulated and agreed within the departments, usually on a weekly basis.

What is the salary/How do I get paid?

Your summer salary will be determined based on our pay scale, which will be discussed during the interview process. In addition to salary all counselors are provided with 3 meals a day and lodging. You will be paid biweekly throughout the summer.

Does BLC have any religious affiliation?

No, Brown Ledge accepts and welcomes campers and staff from all backgrounds, religions and faiths. Camp encourages time for thought and reflection and our Sunday chapel is a non-denominational service which emphasizes ethics, morals, and friendship, rather than formalized religion. It includes nothing ritualistic or intrusive.

Why do staff choose to come back year after year?

Staff choose to return to Brown Ledge year-after-year because of the strong friendships they develop, feeling ownership in the camp community, and having a lasting sense of accomplishment from their achievements. Our traditions, routines and daily schedule creates a community which allows staff and campers to connect. The design of the program allows for staff to take part in the camp activities when there is room. We want our staff to have fun and learn as much as they can.