One of the strongest and most popular departments at Brown Ledge is Theatre Arts. Three one-act plays are cast at the beginning of almost every week and produced that Saturday night. The excitement is high as all in camp eagerly look forward to attending each performance. In addition to one-acts, the eight week season features a well-known three-act play in late July, a Stock Company performance, and a Broadway musical the last week of camp.


Brown Ledge offers a theatre facility with seating for over 250 audience members, complete with proscenium stage and arena. Our theatre is equipped with a make-up room, a complete lighting both and two separate buildings that house our costumes and props, respectively.

Brown Ledge recognizes that all involved in producing a play “actors and those off-stage” play important roles. Every girl in camp is welcome to try out for a variety of roles each week. As interest is so high, acting parts cannot be guaranteed, yet there is a place for all interested campers each week. Campers may participate in acting classes and in stage managing, lighting, directing, costuming, and set construction, or plays.


It is our belief that live theatre is a vital art demanding commitment from both sides of the curtain. Play production is a team effort, and our theatre staff encourages campers to learn all aspects of theatre.

Classes are held on a wide-range of topics. Here campers may learn how to design and construct a sets, create lighting and sound effects, run props, select and alter costumes, stage and house manage.

Each week’s productions provide practical applications for these skills.


In years past, dance at BLC was synonymous with the end of the summer Musical. Now, Dance is its own department within the Theatre department. The Dance department offers daily classes in modern, jazz, hip hop, and ballet; as well as special events, dance labs, and choreography workshops.

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