Brown Ledge girls live in attractively designed log-type cabins, each housing four or five campers. The cabin belongs to the girls to take care of, to decorate, to entertain their friends in, to enjoy.

A mature counselor is responsible for each cabin. She lives close enough to provide adequate supervision, but she does not live in the cabin. This gives campers the much needed and appreciated privacy upon which to build a genuine sense of responsibility. The camper’s senior counselor suggests ways of managaing the important business of getting along together, and listens to confidences. She vists each night at bedtime and truly gets to know each camper well.

In addition, each cabin is assigned a Junior Counselor, who is approximately sixteen to seventeen years old. She visits during rest hour, and provides her campers support, encouragement and advice. The camper-junior counselor relationship is very special.

Girls who require hotel accommodations will not care for Brown Ledge. The cabins are in no way elaborate. Each has electric lights, is equipped with the essentials for restful sleep and cleanliness, and is screened. There is a main bathhouse containing showers with plenty of warm water and changing areas, wash basins, and flush toilets.

At BLC, no one can hide. The girls must figure out the interactions and relationships within their cabin – for themselves – with no overly concerned parents. The “bunkies” must learn how to function as a unit to exist for those four or eight weeks. And, miraculously, mostly they do!

— Catherine T., parent