Our dining hall sits in the center of camp. We meet three times a day to eat our meals together within our Adirondack style dining room. Our dining hall was replaced in 2001. At that time we enlarged the space and added a second floor. Now our dining hall offers a comfortable environment to eat our meals, family-style and is a space that we use for meetings, play rehearsals, and evening activities.

Our meals are prepared by a kitchen staff that makes it their priority that we have well-balanced meals to keep us going through a busy Brown Ledge Day. We are sensitive to allergies and food-sensitivities, and we do our best to accommodate the needs of our campers and staff. Our kitchen is inspected every summer by the State of Vermont.

Our dining hall is not just for eating. It is a central component of our community. We sit, eat and sing together three times a day at tables that are assigned on a weekly basis. Birthday dinners and end of the week “themes” never cease to surprise us. And we have reports that our after meal singing can be heard across the Bay!