Dear Parents,

For those of you who celebrated Passover or Easter this past week, we hope that you had a lovely, if slightly different or virtual, celebration with your family. We know that the last few weeks have been difficult and disorienting for many of you. While there are many challenges for us to face with COVID-19, the hardest part for many of us is not knowing how long we will live with uncertainty. We are all capable of handling hard things, but it sure is easier when we know there is an end date or a timeline. We are cautiously optimistic that the collective effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus may allow camp to operate in some capacity this summer. 

What we do know: 

We will offer our summer program if we can do so safely.

We will adjust our start date or abridge our program if it means we can offer some form of camp.

We do not want to make a premature decision and deny the respite of camp that so many need this year.

 What we don’t know:

Will travel restrictions be lifted for international campers and staff?

Will Vermont’s current 14-day self-quarantine directive be in place in June?

Will social distancing restrictions be eased so that we can live collectively at camp?

Will rapid testing be widely available so that we can test our way toward creating a safe environment at camp?

Currently, Vermont has had its ‘stay at home order’ extended until May 15, 2020. As we approach May 15th, we believe that our state and national public health officials will provide us with the guidance necessary to make a final decision on how BLC can operate safely this summer. We plan to communicate with you next on April 30th to provide potential summer scenarios. We will make a final decision on what we can safely offer this summer the week of May 20th. 

We know that we are asking you to be incredibly flexible, we, in turn, need to be flexible with you.

Tuition payment

Historically, our final tuition payment is due by April 15th. If you have paid your tuition, thank you. If you have not completed your payment due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, please feel free to delay your final payment until our plans are finalized.

Please know that in the event that camp is canceled, or if your daughter is unable to travel to camp due to any state or national travel restrictions, you will receive a refund. If you are interested in an option other than a tuition refund, we will have a number of alternative arrangements available in our next communication. 


In whatever manner camp can operate, you will need your forms complete!! We realize that your family physician may have limited office hours available so the May 1st due date for medical forms will be relaxed. However, every camper will need up to date health forms, and depending on future guidance from Vermont’s Department of Health, we may need additional forms to be completed. Please complete as much as you can now, and get in the queue with your family physician — don’t wait until our final decision. 

Some Fun for Your Camper (and you):


 If you are not following us on Instagram, please do. We have been adding a lot to our Instagram account to entertain and engage our campers this spring. Come check it out: @brownledgecampvt

-Virtual Ledger!

Our returning families have likely heard about Sunday Ledger, if not ask your daughter. For our new families, Kylie will send you a bit more information about one of our most treasured traditions – Sunday Ledger.

During the summer, Ledger provides our camp community the opportunity to come together each Sunday night and celebrate, well, us!  Many of us are feeling a bit disconnected from our communities these days so we wanted to provide an opportunity for Brown Ledge Camp to come together virtually! 

Virtual Ledger will occur via a Zoom conference on Sunday, April 26th, at 12PM EST. We are inviting all members of our BLC community to view virtual Ledger, and we would absolutely love it if you and your daughter(s) would join us. If you would like to attend, please RSVP via this google form:  [This event has passed.]

The 12pm start times will allow the maximum ability of our campers from all over the world to attend!

We will reach out again with an update by April 30th. Until then stay healthy, stay positive, fill out your forms, and we will “see you” at Ledger on Sunday, April 26th!!

Best Wishes,

Abby & Kim