Dear Parents,

 The saying goes that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Here’s hoping that March and the months after soften and settle as people of the world take steps to protect each other.  We continue to operate under the assumption that all will be well for camp to run this summer.  We are fortunate to have time on our side.  As such, below you will find information about Invoices, Camp Trucking for sending trunks and bags, and an option for Travel and Tuition insurance.  

Camper tuition invoices will go out this week and the administrative forms (including the Bunkie request form) are now active in CampInTouch.  We are partnering again with CampTrucking this summer.  If you are shipping gear to or from camp, check out their service.  Depending on where you live, CampTrucking’s rates are competitive with UPS and FedEx with A LOT more customer service.  For those of you farther away, CampTrucking’s rates can get a bit steep but their convenience factor might be worth it to you.  Here is their link for this year (insert hyperlink:

We have had questions regarding travel and tuition protection programs.  We did a lot of research and found an excellent option through for all families to consider.  Brown Ledge does not make any money from this, nor is it something you have to do.  However, choosing to insure your travel and tuition protects your investment to camp and gives you more options and flexibility later in the year. 

The most robust plan, “Deluxe,” will be available until this Friday, 3/20.  We know this is a very fast turn around, but please give it some thought as the window for insurance options will end quickly.  The “Basic” plan covers you, among other reasons, if your child is ill or injured and can’t come to camp.  If you purchase the Deluxe version, “cancel for any reason,” policy, you can cancel and get a refund for any reason.  You may purchase the Deluxe plan if you have not yet paid your tuition in full.  The Basic plan is available even if you have paid your tuition in full. 

Please review the options and decide what is right for your family.  As with any insurance policy, you may have questions specific to coverage details, differing scenarios, or distinguishing the two plans available.  CampDoc has representatives ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions.  

Like many states in the U.S., Vermont has asked its residents to practice social distancing.  For the immediate future, the winter office will go virtual and we will be limiting our time in our office space.  We will be checking the mail and our voicemails, but the easiest way to get in touch with any of us will be by email (we will happily schedule a phone call with you if you like.)

It has been inspiring to watch people get creative and support each other through this challenging time.  It’s almost as if the world has gotten a taste of what it’s like to be at Camp-  meeting their neighbors, playing games, being kind, singing, sharing stories, and connecting (just with no bunkie hugs or high fives).  We can’t wait to welcome our campers back to the beautiful shores of Malletts Bay. 

Stay well,

Abby & Kim