Dear Parents,

We would love to tell you that we have monumental information for you today about this summer.  We don’t yet.  A lot of other camps around the country have decided to cancel their programs already.  We have chosen to take the advice of our accrediting body, the American Camping Association (ACA), and wait for more information.  

Right now, the ACA is working with the CDC on recommendations for overnight and day camp operations around the country.  They should be delivered to us in the next few days.  These guidelines will be our first official guidepost to see whether we can operate camp safely this summer.  With them in hand we will take a long, honest look at what we can and cannot provide at BLC.  We hope to know in a week or so whether we can operate our full program, a modified version of our program, operate with different dates, or not be able to operate camp in any form.

If we assess that we can run camp safely in some capacity per the CDC and ACA, we then need to layer in what the State of Vermont will allow us to do this summer.  Our Governor, Phil Scott, has stated that he will not create a definitive calendar of rolling openings for Vermont like some other states have done. One of his concerns is that depending on where you are in Vermont, our residents are within 100 miles of multiple cities with high numbers of active COVID-19 cases even though our state numbers are quite low. Currently, our ‘stay at home’ order is in place until May 15th.  

If we can operate per VT’s Department of Health, the last analysis will be whether we should operate camp. As said above, some camps in Vermont and other New England states have already decided to cancel for the summer. We respect the hard decision that they each had to make for their own individual camp. We too will need to decide what is best for Brown Ledge – our campers and our staff no matter what the guidelines say we can or cannot do.  We will also need to weigh whether camp opening would harm our larger community of Colchester, Vermont, or cause harm to your hometown at the end of a session. It’s a lot to consider.  We will move slowly and thoughtfully through the information that comes out over the next few weeks.  

We still plan to make our final decision the week of May 20th, unless it becomes strikingly clear from the ACA/ CDC recommendations that we cannot run our program.  Otherwise, we will wait to compare notes with the Vermont Department of Health and Governor Scott.  If camp is canceled or modified or your daughter is unable to travel to camp due to any state or national travel restrictions, we will provide the following options to you regarding your tuition payments:

* Roll-over your 2020 deposit to 2021

* Roll-over you paid tuition to the 2021 season

* Full refund (including deposit)

* Gift all or a portion of your tuition to Brown Ledge Camp

We truly appreciate your patience during this challenging time. Please remember that we are working remotely so it is easiest to reach us by email right now. We are happy to schedule a call if you would like. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Abby & Kim