Hillary first arrived at Brown Ledge Camp in 1994 as an 8-turning-9-year-old committed
to spending 2 full months at her older sister Erica’s “happy place.” Like many Brown
Ledgers, Hillary feels her time at BLC was integral in making her the woman she is
today. As a camper from 1994-2000 and a 1 st year JC in riding in 2001, Hillary spent
most of her time in the Brown Ledge Barn and made an occasional appearance in the
Brown Ledge Theater. Only as an alumna did she finally learn how to get to the
waterfront. As a trained lawyer in the human rights non-profit space, she is thrilled to
bring her experience in both non-profit and board management to the Brown Ledge
Foundation. She hopes to help perpetuate the timeless values of independence,
growth, and exploration for which camp stands even in this ever-changing world. Hillary
recently moved back to her hometown in Connecticut, where she lives with her
husband, dog, and horse.