Why I Serve on Brown Ledge’s Board of Directors

By Abbey Dodd

Not only am I tremendously fortunate to have been raised in a family in which service to others was expected, but I am also grateful to have been raised by Brown Ledge where I learned early on that in giving of yourself and your time you receive much in return.  It’s true what they say…  one of the great ironies of life is that when you serve you benefit more than when you are served. abbey's jc group pic
I have to admit my response to the question “Why do you serve?” is not as altruistic as one might expect.  I serve for three reasons, the first of which is because it gives me a much-needed opportunity to ensure that today’s campers are independent-minded, strong-willed women of the world. This is of paramount importance to me and is reason enough to donate my time and resources to the camp I love.
But I would be remiss in not revealing that I also serve because in doing so I am a afforded a chance to remember, to honor, and to carry with me to every board meeting, every conference call, and every committee meeting the memory of those no longer with us. I serve for Sally D’Oliva Mandeville. I serve for Sarah Lynn Brown. And I serve for Twylla. I serve to perpetuate the very institution that gave me the honor and privilege of knowing and being influenced by such wonderfully unique, courageous, smart, witty women. 
Finally, I serve because, as simple as this may sound, it is my chance to be useful.  It is my chance to make a mark on the world and ensure that future generations of BLC alumnae continue to have the confidence to be generals in the Army, executive producers on the Disney Channel, professors at the prestigious UVA, and inspiring, committed stay-at-home moms. I serve on the Board  to ensure that no matter what path campers of today and tomorrow choose, they pursue it fearlessly and with the reassurance that “as the pine trees gently touch the sky, all is well with the camp they love.”