summer camps for kids and teens in Vermont

Packing Lists


Getting ready for 4-8 weeks away from home can be stressful and overwhelming.  We’ve compiled a suggested packing list to assist you and your daughter as you pack for camp.

Packing List

Download the Clothing List 2015 to print it and check off items as you pack.  Remember that is is only a guide and that some items on the list are not necessary.  Please feel free to adjust the list based on your daughter’s needs, but keep in mind that less works better than more.

Name Marking

All items brought to camp must be marked with your daughter’s name.  The name can either be sewn-in or written in indelible ink.

We also suggest taping an inventory inside your daughter’s trunk to aid in the packing process as the end of her four or eight week session.

Additional Notes

  • The above is only a guide.
  • Each camper should try to bring only one reasonably sized trunk (or duffel) and one additional bag.
  • Less is better than more.
  • Riding helmets must be Safety Equipment Institute certified (your tack shop will know).
  • Discuss helmet safety with your tack supplier or other knowledgeable person before selecting a helmet for camp.
  • Campers should bring tennis shoes or similarly flat-soled shoes for use on tennis courts.
  • Campers should bring a white dress or a white skirt/pants with white shirt for our banquet and award ceremony.
  • Campers should bring a white t-shirt or top and white shorts to be worn at Sunday lunches.

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