2019 Dates:

Full Season: June 27, 2019 – August 21, 2019

First Session: June 27, 2019 – July 24, 2019

Second Session: July 25, 2019 – August 21, 2019

Brown Ledge sessions always start on a Thursday and end on a Wednesday.

2020 Dates:

Full Season: June 25, 2020 – August 19, 2020

First Session: June 25, 2020 – July 22, 2019

Second Session: July 23, 2019 – August 19, 2020

2019 Tuition

Full Season (eight weeks) – $8, 850
One session (four weeks) – $6,100

2020 Tuition

Will be posted August

Note: A $500 deposit is required for enrollment. This $500 deposit is subtracted from tuition amounts shown above. If applying for financial assistance, the deposit is $50.

The deposit, and any tuition paid is fully refundable if you withdraw before March 1st. If a camper withdrawals after May 1st, tuition is refundable, only if there is a medically documented reason or a compulsory school requirement. If we are able to fill your space, then you will be reimbursed, minus the deposit, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

No reduction of tuition is made for late arrival, early departure, missed days, withdrawal for emotional or medical reasons, dismissal for misconduct, or any other cause.

We reserve the right to dismiss any camper if, in our opinion, this action is in the best interest of the Camp. In this instance, no refund will be made.

Additional Fees

We’re proud to say that our tuition is all-inclusive.

There are no hidden, extra fees for camp activities such as our riding program, overnight trips, and waterskiing. Additionally, all laundry, transportation to and from doctor and dentist appointments, and transportation to, and from, the bus station and Burlington Airport is covered by tuition.

Tuition Discounts

Early Enrollment Discount

If a camper enrolls on or before October 15, 2018, the camper will receive a 3% reduction in tuition.

Sister Discount

Each sister receives a 5% reduction in to her tuition.




Discounts are cumulative.

Financial Aid

Brown Ledge is committed to ensuring that the summer camp experience is available to all girls irregardless of socio-economic circumstances.

The Marjorie P. Brown Scholarship is funded by our generous alumnae and friends of BLC. Scholarships are awarded on a need-basis and may fund a portion or the entire tuition depending on the family’s circumstances. We are proud to report that the MPB Scholarship has awarded over $100,000 annually in financial aid in the last few years. Scholarship applications are available in November and are due to the Scholarship Committee in February.

To learn more about the MPB scholarship, please call 1-802-862-2442 ext 1 or e-mail [email protected]

If you are interested in supporting the MPB Scholarship, please contact [email protected], 1-802-862-2442 ext. 3.

Brown Ledge Camp Enrollment

We hope to see you next summer!

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