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Get Involved & Give Back


Ways to Give Back

Be a Travel Host

Brown Ledge is fortunate to have a wonderful group of staff, campers and alums from all over the world. Often they will travel throughout the United States and other countries once camp is over for the summer. They may need a place to stay as they travel on their journey! Are you interested in being a BLC Travel Host so that the traveling BL’ers have a place to stay? No need to serve them breakfast, or offer transportation. Simply provide a warm bed, bathroom and towel, and they’ll be fine!

Become a Mentor

Employment Mentor / Internship

Offer your knowledge and guidance to a Brown Ledger who is interested in a career in your profession.  You can meet with the mentee either personally, via email or via telephone.  You can also direct the BL’er toward an internship within your company or field.

College Mentor / Host

Offer your insight to a Brown Ledger about the college you have attended or are currently attending.  If you are currently at the school, you can take the Brown Ledger on a tour of the campus or perhaps act as a host for the time that the alum is visiting the school. If you are an alumna of the school, you can give the mentee a personal description of your experience as a student.

Sit on a Committee

Alumnae Affairs

Help us continue to find new ways to keep in touch with BLC alums. What can we do better? Volunteer to host a regional reunion? Continue the development of the Brown Ledge History information? Tell us how you would like to stay involved and how we can make this easier.


Help with the solicitation of past donors by participating in the 2014 phone–a–thon this upcoming summer or conducting research that will help us grow our constituent base.

Contact Us to Get Involved

Please contact our Development Director, Maria Moore, at [email protected] or 877-252-2586 to get involved today.

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