Bravery. Learning. Connection.

Welcome to Brown Ledge Camp

Located on the banks of Lake Champlain, just a few miles away from Burlington, Vermont, Brown Ledge Camp is a residential sleep-away camp for girls ages 10-17. For over ninety years, Brown Ledge has created a home-away-from-home where girls can find their passion through our Freedom of Choice Program and the exploration of 18 different activities.

Tennis Program

The five clay courts and practice back-board are in constant use each season. Campers master basic strokes, learn to volley and serve, and come to know the importance of technique and strategy. Informal tournaments throughout the summer allow campers to play full matches, both singles and doubles.

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Sailing, windsurfing, swimming, diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking and canoeing all operate simultaneously down at the lake. Here, you'll find campers learning to "roll" a kayak; you'll hear resounding cheers as campers get up on waterskiis for the first time; you'll see divers practicing tucks and pikes, and you'll watch sails rising as boats are rigged and proudly set sail.

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Girl waterskiing with one hand

Horseback Riding

From its beginning over 90 years ago, Brown Ledge set for itself the task of really teaching horsemanship, refusing to be satisfied with the ordinary policy of merely providing an opportunity to ride. At the Brown Ledge Barn, campers are busy grooming and watering horses, or tacking up for their lessons. In the rings, riders have the chance to practice everything from dressage to jumping.

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Girl riding horse in hurdle jumping drill

Archery and Riflery

The shooting sports of archery and riflery remain favorites among our campers. Whether soaking up the sun at archery or enjoying the cool shade of the riflery range, campers learn to breath, focus, and relax while continuously improving.

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Theatre & Dance

Each week the Brown Ledge Theatre Department achieves a degree of finesse and realism rarely found in camp dramatics. Brown Ledge recognizes that all involved in producing a play - whether on stage or off - play a vital role in the creation of our weekly one-acts.

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Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts is a busy place for all ages, rain or shine. Campers chat happily as they make friendship bracelets for their bunkies or JCs, or create pieces for the end-of-session Art Show. Frequent special events attract many, allowing campers to do some tie-dye or try their hand on one of the many sewing machines available.

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At Brown Ledge, We’re all about:


We trust that campers will choose to spend their time well when in an environment that always expects the best from its community members. Here, we are guided by the principle that campers are able to decide things for themselves in a way that is best for them. We believe that when campers choose what to do and when to do it, learning is meaningful, effective, and fun. So at Brown Ledge, you can count on having us act as though the best impulses you have are always trying to get to the surface: We trust that you really want to make the best of all the things there are here, with happiness as the main byproduct.


It is truly wonderful to watch the enthusiasm that goes with the feeling of freedom. Since campers choose how to spend their time, everyday is an opportunity to find their passion, and in doing so, learn more about themselves. Self-discovery follows naturally from self-directed participation in activities, and we’ve witnessed the growth and transformation of many young women as they pursue their own interests.


“This camp was planned and built for you. From today on it is your camp as well as ours.” Our founder, Harry E. Brown, penned these words over sixty years ago, and they still hold true today. Campers, junior counselors, senior counselors, and staff all contribute to making BLC the special place that it is. Relationships built on trust, camaraderie, and common experience blossom here; they are the web that holds the community together. As HEB told campers each season: “As the summer goes on… you will find yourselves becoming an important part of all that goes on, and all you see around you will become a part of you.”

Three sailboats on the waterfront.