Jeff Buckman has been involved with Brown Ledge since his parents worked for the Brown’s in the
1950’s. He was a tennis counselor from ’74-’76 and had two daughters (Ali & Mackenzie) attend camp in
the ’90s and 2000s. He was on the board from ’92-’98 when Brown Ledge became a non-profit. He had
a technology career in Vermont, Baltimore, and Atlanta, and is back in Vermont in semi-retirement,
doing some real estate investing, and working on his golf game. He has recently re-joined the Brown
Ledge Foundation board to help continue all the great work that has been done to keep Brown Ledge
spirit alive for many more decades. “I was a bartender at the first BLC Alumni camp in 1976, and I want
to see BLC 100 be an even bigger party!”