The key to the success of our waterfront, is the entire staff. All staff are hired for their training, performance, and teaching skills in a specific waterfront activity. Please scroll through to read about each waterfront department’s staff to learn more about their particular certifications, training and skills.

Head of Waterfront 2016eva lifeguarding

Eva Nilsson has just the right skill set to manage the waterfront.  She is kind, supportive, fun loving and no nonsense.  In her native Sweden she is a school superintendent who has the responsibility of running both the schools and preschools in her jurisdiction.  On the Brown Ledge waterfront, Eva keeps an eye on the five waterfront departments and supports the twenty senior instructors to make sure that everything runs smoothly and safely.  You may find her behind the wheel of the ski boat or you may see her with an ear to the weather radio and an eye on the sky, gauging incoming weather fronts and ready with the air horn to signal an approaching storm.  Eva is an athlete; formerly a competitive volleyball player and now active in aerobics and long distance running.  Hans Nilsson (see diving) works together with Eva to direct the waterfront.