Zoë Gross is serving as the Head of Swimming this year. She is from Annapolis, Maryland, a small “city” on the water near Washington, DC. She went to Annapolis high school and took time off after graduation to pursue an interest in making art of all kinds/mediums. She’s interested in traveling and finding new experiences with opportunity. Zoë has many hobbies, but is most passionate about making art (painting, make-up, making music). She often practices singing and loves playing video games. Zoë’s favorite camp meal would definitely have to be Sunday lunch and dinner! She really likes the chill vibes out on the field when grilling, and says that the Caesar salad at lunch is always so good! Zoë is an experienced Swim Staff member, having worked on senior staff last summer and as a swimming JC for two years in 16’ and 17’. She became a certified lifeguard at Brown Ledge in 2017, trained by none other than Kim McManus, herself! Zoë was often on the swim team and has good knowledge of the strokes and synchro we teach at BLC. She’s so excited to come back this year and can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones. Meeting campers who are here for the first time and showing them about how camp works is something she looks forward to as well. Zoë can’t wait to be a part of BLC traditions again!