Lucas Olscamp grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and currently live all around the world basing mostly in Eastern Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at New York University Abu Dhabi, 2017 and his Masters of Ecological Design at York University, 2019. To date he has designed, directed, or dramaturged over thirty theatre productions around the world including projects in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Germany, Australia, and Czech Republic. After attending an international college in Victoria, British Columbia, he studied in Abu Dhabi for four years immersing himself in experimental and multidisciplinary forms of artmaking. Upon graduating he attended York University in Toronto, Canada for his Masters of Ecological Design for the Performing Arts focusing on developing new theoretical and practical approaches to sustainable and ecologically mindful forms of theatre making. His areas of specialty and passion include: costume design, puppetry, special effects, Butoh, physical theatre and performance art. Lucas was a Counselor in 2015 and is returning for his second summer at camp.