Jule Muller grew up in a village in northern Germany. She studied English and French at the University of Goettingen and also spent a semester in Rouen, France. Jule obtained her Master of Education in 2018 and finished her teacher’s training in 2020. Since then, Jule has been working as a research assistant at the university of Goettingen, where she is also working on her PhD in teaching English as a foreign language. In her free time, Jule enjoys painting and drawing. She goes hiking in the mountains on the weekends, does yoga at least once a week (thanks to the pandemic, she attended Kari’s hybrid yoga classes via Zoom!), and she loves swimming, singing and baking. Jule went to an art school for 8 years when she was a kid and has worked two summers at BLC (2018 and 2019). Jule is super excited to see all the campers and counselors that she really missed the past few summers. She’s also looking forward to meeting lots of lovely new people. Jule is most excited for (hopefully successful) singing in the dining hall and making friendship bracelets!