Jackie Meltzer spent three (1967-1969) of her best teenage summers at Brown Ledge. She took advantage of every camp activity and says that today, she still uses all of those skills to competently participate in all kinds of sports. But perhaps her best camp experience was when she got to send her daughter to Brown Ledge as an eager ten-year-old. That first year turned into 4 more as a camper, then two JC years and on staff for two more summers. It shaped both of them in innumerable ways and created a mother-daughter bond that runs “Brown Ledge Spirit” deep. As a former teacher, Jackie has continued to work with children and young adults. Whether tutoring, mentoring or volunteering, she loves to encourage the best out of everyone and show them that they are valued, that their life is important and that they can do anything they want – just like at Brown Ledge! Jackie is an active dressage rider, still pushing the skills that she learned at camp. Along with her husband Glenn, they love running around at every alumnae camp where they get to be campers again doing every activity possible. Glenn has become a full-fledged Brown Ledge husband and dad.