Jean’s journey to Brown Ledge began at birth. The daughter of camp directors, Jean
grew up attending camping conferences and being a camp kid until the age of 8. At 13,
Barbara convinced Jean to move camps and give Brown Ledge a try. That first summer
she spent most of her time in the Barn and on the swim dock, but eventually made her
way over to the sailing dock. Jean attended BLC from ’93 – ’97 as a camper and sailing
JC and then returned for a year on the Senior Staff with her then fiancé, Bill Bartlett.
Jean’s closest friendships came from BLC and although she is the mother of boys, she
hopes her time on the board will continue the amazing work of BLC into and beyond its
100th year.
Currently, Jean is the executive director of LTP Scholars, which she founded in 2017 as
an alternative educational program for tennis players in Charleston, SC. Jean lives in
Charleston with her husband, Bill Bartlett, an alumni of BLC, and her two boys, Bo and
Tyler James.