Catherine Alston is back for her 23rd summer at Brown Ledge. Catherine is in charge of costuming and her home is the studio, which is packed to the rafters with the most amazing assortment of garments, shoes, and accessories. Catherine spends endless hours advising, creating, mending, altering and fitting in preparation for Saturday night shows. She also chases away the occasional family of mice that has found a very comfortable winter home in the studio! Campers and JCs come to the studio to assist in dressing the next week’s productions but also to enjoy Catherine’s knowledge and company. Catherine has a long history in the costuming world. She lives in Burlington, Vermont and in the winter, Catherine works with the Saints and Poets Production Company under the direction of Kevin Christopher continues with an upcoming film project of “How Dunmore Throop Stole the Sun”. The original theatrical production was first shown at BLC.