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Swimming and Diving



The key to all waterfront activity is swimming. It is an activity enjoyed by almost all at Brown Ledge.

Whether you are interested in swimming as recreation or in competition, our staff is here to assist. As in all activities, there are three levels of competency in swimming – basic, intermediate and vanguard. These are designed as a fun yet challenging way of progressing from beginner to accomplished swimmer. Instruction is available for types of strokes, forms, racing training and techniques, and synchronized swimming. Our annual Aquacade and Red Cross courses in Lifeguard Training and First Aid add much to daily instruction.

The camp swim team competes against neighboring camps and clubs and provides an outlet for those interested in competition.

A camper may not participate in any of the waterfront activities until she passes our water safety test. The swim test or “crib test” as it is known around camp is a simple, straight forward basic check on swimming skills. A camper needs to show basic comfort, and a minimum amount of strength, in the water. If a camper is unable to pass her crib test, the swim staff will work with her closely to have her succeed.

Meet last summer’s swim staff!


Diving is taught as a separate activity under the direction of a two well qualified diving instructors. It is an activity that truly provides a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.

Using dock, two high towers, and a spring board, divers receive instruction in a wide variety of dives, concentration, form and safety. Those wishing to pursue the sport in greater depth may learn how to organize competitions and teach others.

Meet last summer’s diving staff!

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