summer camps for kids and teens in Vermont

Our Mounted Drill Team

Each session, the junior counselors in riding select members for the famous Brown Ledge Mounted Drill Team.

This coordinated horse drill, designed and led by campers, is performed without command and to music. This is an important part of our end of session horse shows, providing parents the opportunity to observe and every girl who has seen the drill performed is eager to “make the team”!

The drill team wears a uniform navy blue jackets, tan breeches, a white dress shirt, tall boots, and a neck tie. We have an array of neckties and navy blue jackets that fit a full range of girls. The girls either have the rest of the outfit  or may borrow from a friend.

The Drill Captains select team members after a series of auditions approximately mid way through a session. This ensures 12-14 days of practice prior to the performance. Riders are picked for their ability to work as a team and control their mount. There are 8-10 Troopers and 4 color guards as well as 3-5 alternates selected.

Drill Team practices at least once a day outside of regular riding time. Practice is usually from 5pm-6pm, but the captains often host one or two early morning practices before breakfast. It is a significant time commitment to be part of drill team.


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