Vermont horse and horseback riding camp

Our Riding Program – Vermont’s Established Horseback Riding Camp

From its beginning over 90 years ago, Brown Ledge set for itself the task of really teaching horsemanship, refusing to be satisfied with the ordinary policy of merely providing an opportunity to ride.
Brown Ledge girls make progress that is genuine and measurable through daily weekday riding lessons – more progress than in a year of casual or “one lesson a week” riding.

There are, in our experience, two very distinct lines of interest among girls who ride: those who eagerly absorb all of the instruction they can get; who want to show and event; who hope to someday be owners and trainers.

And those, equally important, who think of riding as pure recreation, who want instruction aimed at giving them the skill necessary to enjoy – with safety – the pleasure of being able to handle a horse with confidence. The Brown Ledge horsemanship program answers the aims of both groups by not only providing daily riding lessons, but stable management lessons as well.


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