This was our 20th year and we needed your help to flip the phone-a-thon on its head to reach our goal of 200 gifts in three days.

The phone-a-thon was held over three evenings, July 16,17, and 18. 

With so many of you responding, we exceeded our goal and received 220 gifts in three days – a record-smashing show of love and support for BLC.

The JCs did an amazing job and had a ton of fun connecting with so many of you in the Brown Ledge community. Gifts came in by phone, via the website, Venmo, and PayPal, and even in-person in the Clubhouse!

Your support helps make this unique Brown Ledge experience possible, allowing girls and young women the freedom and community to grow.


♥ Remembering a Brown Ledger:

($250 donation) We are offering a new opportunity to have the name of a beloved Brown Ledger inscribed on a wood candle block, which will be placed on Lake Champlain as a part of the candle lighting ceremony on the last night of camp.” In honor of the 20th phone-a-thon, we’re offering just 20 of these inscribed blocks for donations of $250+ received during the phone-a-thon. A special way for a JC group or family to give together. [*Please call a JC during the phone-a-thon to arrange.]

♥ Unique BLC t-shirt:

($50 donation) When you give $50+ you can receive this unique BLC t-shirt! A poll was taken in May on Instagram and Facebook, of favorite unique-to-BLC words, and now they can be yours to wear. It’s a super soft, cotton-poly, charcoal heather grey t-shirt with white lettering. [*Please call a JC during the phone-a-thon to provide size and mailing details.]

Ways To Give:

♥ Venmo (in the app, search for Brown Ledge)

♥ PayPal
(in the app, click “more” → “donate to a cause” → and search Brown Ledge)

♥ Online through the website at

♥ Via check mailed to Brown Ledge Foundation, 71 Brown Ledge Road, Colchester, VT 05446

Every gift makes a difference for Brown Ledge and supports the campers of this and future generations.

Thank you!