Updated 07/09/2022 2022 COVID Information and FAQ

We are proud to have run our program with no cases of COVID-19 in 2021! We closely followed the guidance provided by The State of Vermont, the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and will do so again this year. In Vermont, at the time of writing, there are no restrictions for camps as there were in 2021. There is a significant emphasis on vaccination, testing, and other measures that keep people healthy. We will keep a close eye on the guidance from these organizations and will update our website and community here and via email. 

At this time, Brown Ledge Camp will require all Campers and Junior Counselors who are eligible to have received and be up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend Brown Ledge Camp’s Summer 2022 Program. Our Senior Staff are also required to be fully vaccinated to work at Brown Ledge Camp. This will allow us to offer the safest possible environment with minimal disruption to our programming. We will continue to evaluate this requirement on a yearly basis.

We will use the CDC’s definitions for “up to date”, as defined here. If this changes, we will update this page and reach out via email.

The guidelines outlined here are subject to change. We will continue to monitor public health, as well as federal and state guidance. We know that our camp community will adapt with the spirit and vigor that make Brown Ledge the camp we love. Our values haven’t changed, and we know that this summer will be just as magical as each summer before.

Is BLC requiring campers AND staff to have the COVID-19 vaccination?

YES! All staff and campers must be up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine, which includes receiving the booster for campers over the age of 12. Here is a link from the CDC to help you determine if your camper is up to date on their vaccine. 

Do we need to test before coming to camp?

Yes! Due to rising case numbers, we are requiring that all campers AND any family members who plan to enter camp property must take a rapid antigen test 24 hours before arrival. We will also test just your camper on arrival, before moving in. 


We also ask that you adhere to low risk behavior for five days before traveling to BLC. Low risk behavior is defined as minimizing the chance of exposure to or spreading of COVID-19 by using everyday preventive measures, like mask wearing, limited social visiting, frequent hand washing, and following all other best practices to avoid COVID.  We are counting on everyone—parents, campers and staff—to help keep our community healthy and safe! Even though the federal mask mandate for public transportation has been lifted, we ask that those traveling to camp on public transportation to still wear a mask.

Will there be testing this summer?

YES! All campers will take an antigen test before exiting the car on Opening Day. If your camper is positive for COVID-19, they cannot come into camp. Campers will also be tested if they are symptomatic. We may also utilize surveillance testing if needed.

Can I move my camper into their cabin on Opening Day?

Yes! As long as you’ve provided us with a negative antigen test result, you are welcome to help your camper settle in. We will ask that you wear a mask when entering buildings on camp grounds. We will not be able to serve lunch to family members on Opening Day, so please plan accordingly.

How long can families stay at Brown Ledge on Opening Day?

Families are welcome to help unpack their campers, walk around or tour camp and meet staff. We recommend that family members do not stay longer than one hour so that campers can begin to get comfortable in their new surroundings.

Will campers and staff wear masks at BLC?

As of right now, we plan to have campers and staff wear masks in communal indoor spaces (like the dining room and theater) for the first three days of camp while we monitor our camp-wide health. On day 3, we will test everyone at camp and once we’re as confident as possible that our community is healthy, we will significantly reduce or remove mask wearing. Mask wearing will be optional for all of our community throughout the summer.

What if my camper has COVID-like symptoms?

Our nursing staff will administer a rapid antigen test to any camper with COVID-19 symptoms.

What if my camper tests positive for COVID-19?

We will immediately alert parents and caregivers if their camper tests positive for COVID-19. Parents and caregivers will need to pick up campers within 24 hours of the positive test. Campers can return to BLC with their pediatrician’s approval!

Will we be notified of any positive cases at camp, or only the status of my camper?

You will be notified if your camper tests positive, or if they have been in close contact with someone who tested positive. Parents and caregivers will need to pick up campers within 24 hours of the positive test. Campers can return to BLC with their pediatrician’s approval!

Can we visit our camper this summer?

Yes! Please visit the visiting policy tab for more information. 

What special events may we attend?

Yes! Please visit the visiting policy tab for more information. 

Will the Brown Ledge Camp program look different from previous years?

Our goal for this summer is to operate our program as close to normal as possible, while keeping the health and safety of our community as our highest priority. We will not have capacity limits at any activities, as most are held outside. We will also return to using our theater for Ledger and plays.