summer camps for kids and teens in Vermont

About Brown Ledge

Brown Ledge has become known over the years within the camping industry as the “Different Camp.”
The proof of this “difference” lies in Brown Ledge’s unique ability to hold the interest of girls well beyond the average camper age, while simultaneously attracting younger campers. This uniqueness is the combination of a number of factors described throughout this website, but our freedom of choice philosophy is the basis for all things Brown Ledge. Brown Ledge girls are not bound by a rigid activity schedule. A girl’s participation, in all activities, is elective. Senior counselors are available in each activity to teach mornings, afternoons, and sometimes evenings. A camper may therefore choose throughout each day what she will do, and by choosing for herself is sure to receive superior instructions.

This system of activity choice has consistently proven itself and remains unchanged during more than almost 90 years of continuous operation at Brown Ledge. We believe that its success lies in its ability to effectively teach activity skills while developing a host of life skills.


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