Summer 2022 Visiting Policies

Thank you for your flexibility this summer as we continue to run camp during the ever-changing landscape of COVID. As we assess conditions here at camp and in the larger world, we have decided to make some adjustments to our visiting policy. Read carefully, as we have tightened/changed some of our protocols for your visits during the last week of the session. 

Visiting Dates: August 10-15

Hours: 12:30-2:30pm (lunch and rest hour)

Three exceptions outside the window above for Second Session:

If your camper is in a play during visiting week, families may attend the dress rehearsal of the performance, which may occur outside of usual visiting hours. This will help keep the theater building at a safe capacity.  The Horse Show and Aquacade Show are the other exceptions to being on-site outside the visiting hours.

August Horse Show — August 13th from 9am-12 pm & 2:30pm-5pm (please do not attend if you don’t have a camper in riding)

Musical Dress Rehearsal — August 13th @ 8 pm (please do not attend if you do not have a camper in the play; you must be masked the entire time; you may arrive around 7:45pm)

Aquacade — August 15th @ 10am (please do not attend if you don’t have a camper in Aquacade; you may arrive around 9:30am)

Process and Rules:

  • Anyone planning to visit must fill out THIS FORM so we know who to expect each day. We will use this to notify your camper when you are coming, and use it as a sign-out sheet so tables and cabins know where campers are. 
  • All visitors must take a rapid antigen test at least 24 hours prior to coming to camp. Please upload the negative test here. Our office staff will monitor this and call if we have not received the test by 9 am on your planned visiting day.
  • PLEASE DO NOT come to camp if you have any COVID symptoms, or have recently tested positive.
  • Please try to limit the number of people you bring (parents, caregivers, siblings okay; but probably not aunts/uncles, cousins, etc.)
  • Campers may not be taken out of camp this year!  Visiting must occur on-site.

Other things to note-

  • Your camper will meet you by the tennis courts as close to your arrival time as possible.
  • You may bring in food to share with your camper. Please feel free to utilize the gazebo or tents in the field. We recommend bringing camping chairs and/or picnic blankets for seating. 
  • You may use the guest bathrooms by the theater if needed, but please do not go any further into camp.
  • Your camper can invite friends to join you, but camper guests should be limited to just a few. (We don’t want 2 or 3 full cabins invited to a picnic!)
  • We ask that you only visit during one lunch period throughout the week. 

Some local lunch recommendations:

Pioneer Lakeshore Cafe (online ordering available)

Makalu Himilayan Sherpa 

Pingala (a great choice for vegans)

Our House Bistro

 Please reach out if you have any additional questions. Thank you for your support and partnership in keeping the campers of BLC healthy, and our program running as close to normal as possible.

Alumni should not come to visit while camp is in session unless their camper is enrolled, but are welcome to reach out to [email protected] to schedule visits at other times.

This policy is subject to change pending community health. Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of our camp community, and we may have to adjust our visiting policy accordingly.