We love our staff! Yes, we have a beautiful setting. Yes, we have a camping philosophy that has remained unaltered, yet relevant, for almost ninety years. All well and good, but if we did not have our amazing counselors, we would have nothing.

Our staff members share their talents all summer long with our campers, and many go above, and beyond, during the off-season. One such counselor has just released an amazing gift to the Brown Ledge community. Mark, kitchen staffer for the past two summers, took over 600 pictures last summer during his free time so that he could create a video yearbook. Historically, a project like this has great energy during the summer, but, understandably, loses steam in the off season. (Recent notable exceptions being videos made by Greg Smith and Caroline Murphy!)

But lo and behold, what showed up on Facebook a few days ago but Mark’s video yearbook. Mark must have spent countless hours (again, during his free time) editing all of his images with some serious Brown Ledge spirit. Mark did miss a few campers from first session. He sends his apologies if you, 2014 camper, do not see yourself.

Mark’s love and dedication to camp, and to our campers, comes through loud and clear. Campers and staff from 2014, go check yourself out! Future campers, picture yourself in next year’s video (you’ll make another one, right Mark?) Alums (or anyone feeling campsick) you’ll love this 5 minute blast of BLC.

My favorite part? Definitely, Santiago in slow mo. Wait for it – it’s amazing.